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Welcome to EH Therapy

For your mind, body and nervous system

Trauma-informed talking therapy
Therapeutic yoga & embodiment practices
Trauma & wellness education

Based in Newark-on-Trent, U.K.

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Hello, and welcome to EH Therapy. I hope you find what you’re looking for here.


EH Therapy is founded on therapeutic principles of compassion, authenticity and empowerment. Whether I am facilitating talking therapy, yoga or training, these ways of relating to other people are a crucial part of my approach, and indeed who I am as a human being.


My approach is holistic; the way we relate to others and respond to our environment is a complex interplay between our mind, body and nervous system. I seek to offer therapy in a way that recognises that. Talking, movement, embodiment and knowledge can all be helpful, and often that happens in different ways for different people. I draw on trauma theory, attachment, relational and power dynamics, amongst other bodies of knowledge and ideas to inform my work.


I know that seeking therapy can be daunting. You’ve arrived at my website, so you’ve probably already made a start! Therapeutic safety is very important to me: helpful therapy can only happen once you feel safe. It’s OK if you feel nervous, but know that we will never ‘dive’ into places or feelings that you aren’t ready for. You are always in control of your own therapy.


If you’d like to talk more about how I can help you, please do contact me. I welcome conversations about what you might be looking for a the moment, which sometimes might involve us booking in an initial meeting, but if I don’t quite fit your needs I will be happy to signpost you to someone who can.


I also work with charities, organisations and community projects to bring holistic, trauma-sensitive therapy to different client groups and environments. If you think this could be of benefit to your community or workplace, whether you have a clear idea of what that would look like in your setting or not, you can find more information below.

A compassionate and non-judgemental space, suitable for anyone who wants to shift the way they feel, improve mental-health related symptoms or  understand themselves better.

Similar to adult therapy in lots of ways, but especially tailored for teenagers aged 12+.

Either as part of therapy or standalone, in groups or one-to-one.

I work with yoga and movement in a way that is suitable for anyone, regardless of physical ability.

Find the booking system for group yoga here too.

Bespoke training for organisations who want to better serve their clients and communities or to improve staff wellness.

Especially appropriate to those who provide services to people in distress.

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