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When you think about yoga, you might think of complicated poses, rooms of sweaty people, needing to be flexible and awkward breathing techniques. It can be all of those (and that works of lots of people), but it doesn't have to be!

Trauma-sensitive yoga is a different way of working with the impact of trauma. It focuses on your experience of being in your body and provides space for you to explore that in a way that you can control. It doesn't involve you needing to verbalise your experience unless you want to.

I am trained in facilitating a yoga model called Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). This way of practicing movement and yoga has been derived from the work of a leading centre for research on trauma, which many people know through the work of Bessel Van der Kolk (author of 'The Body Keeps the Score'). You can read more about the background to the model here.

TCTSY is appropriate for people who have a history of complex trauma and, in fact, is designed specifically for people who might have been accessing talking therapies without seeing any significant progress in their healing. It is also a great opportunity for anyone to explore their mental health and well-being from a different perspective. If you are experiencing symptoms like suicidal thoughts, self injury, feeling blank or spaced-out, or high levels of anxiety, TCTSY could be a helpful practice.

I use yoga individually and with groups, and also in combination with talking therapy where it fits your needs. I am always happy to arrange a phone call free of charge to discuss what might fit you best.


Yoga can empower you to...
Connect with your body
Feel present and grounded
Practice choice
Explore boundaries
Establish a stronger sense of self

I am currently designing a programme of sessions for groups in 2024.
If you would like to be kept informed, please send me an email, or you can fill in this Google Form to tell me what you're looking for.

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