Yoga and Movement

Being able to connect with your body, notice what you feel, and maybe then make a choice about how you want to move are all skills that have been shown to increase health and well-being. I use yoga to create an opportunity to explore these things, which can lead to a stronger sense of self and ability to be more present.

I am trained in facilitating a yoga model called Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). This way of practicing movement and yoga has been derived from the work of a leading centre for research on trauma, which many people know through the work of Bessel Van der Kolk (author of 'The Body Keeps the Score'). You can read more about the background to the model here, including watching videos of a typical TCTSY session.

TCTSY is appropriate for people who have a history of complex trauma and, in fact, is designed specifically for people who might have been accessing talking therapies without seeing any significant progress in their healing. It is also a great opportunity for anyone to explore their mental health and well-being from a different perspective. If you are experiencing symptoms like suicidal thoughts, self injury, feeling blank or spaced-out, or high levels of anxiety, TCTSY could be a helpful practice.

White Sand and Stone

Group bookings for TCTSY small group-work are also available. Suitable for charities, workplaces, hospitals and many more.