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Forest Road

Walk and Talk Therapy

Therapy in Nature

Walking outdoors is a great way of making the counselling process more comfortable. It can feel much less intense that being in a therapy room. Some people find it helps them to feel safer and more grounded.

Nature as Therapy

Ecotherapy is when nature and the environment is used as part of the therapeutic process. This can increase our creativity and expression, as well as providing plenty of sensory stimulation.

A Holistic Approach

Walk and talk therapy is not primarily used as a form of exercise, but walking during therapy can have a beneficial impact on overall health and wellbeing. Moving your body often also provides feelings of empowerment.

Walk and Talk therapy in Newark and the surrounding area

I use a number of routes in and around Newark for walk and talk sessions. All routes are risk assessed and can be altered for a varying pace and accessibility.


If you are interested in accessing some therapy using walk and talk, the first step is to book an initial session which takes place face to face over zoom. This helps us to discuss what you are looking for and what kind of session and route will suit you.

Feel free to get in touch - no-obligation initial phone consultations are free

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