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Counselling and Psychotherapy for Adults

Counselling and Psychotherapy are sometimes referred to as talking therapies. You may already know that speaking to someone about your thoughts, emotions and experiences can feel helpful. 

As an Integrative therapist, our sessions are likely to focus on a combination of thoughts, feelings and physical experience. I also practise in a trauma-sensitive way, meaning that I work with and respect your coping mechanisms for keeping yourself safe. 

You might also find some of the FAQs about starting therapy helpful.

Therapy Session

Therapy can help you with...

Feeling safe enough to address things in your past that you find difficult, and have someone with you in your exploration.

Learning greater tolerance for emotions and feel more in control of them.

Finding the courage and strength to face feelings of parts of yourself that you tend to shut away.

Understanding your responses and putting them into context so that they make more sense.

Feeling accepted, validated and understood. 

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