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Green Hills


(client testimonials are shared with permission)

Heart & Hands

I really felt that you listened and helped me  to make connections between my experiences, my thoughts and  self- esteem. You helped me to make sense of things and I am surprised at how much was unlocked for me during a block of 6 sessions-far more than I ever expected! You helped me to realise I have many tools and strategies but most powerfully for me, have guided me towards using them together. I feel I am now far more positive with calm frame of mind. Thank you for the sense of control and peace you have helped me to achieve.


I cannot thank Emily enough. Emily has, with her friendly and insightful approach, given me the ability to completely change my outlook on life. Thank you so much.



I found Yoga for Trauma with Emily through a Facebook post. It felt like it would be perfect for me as I have suffered from both physical effects of trauma and also the mental effects of trauma. 

I have really enjoyed the way Emily teaches us to listen to what our body needs from movement in different yoga poses. She encourages us to be gentle with ourselves and reestablish our mind body connection. She provides a safe environment and I have really enjoyed being able to take part her in her classes. I signed up for all the sessions and have really got alot from them. She is an excellent teacher. I would recommend these classes run by Emily to anyone who needs a safe and supportive place to experience yoga. 

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