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COVID-19 update - January 2021

Due to rising infection numbers, current government guidance is to stay at home. However, there are various exceptions to that so here's a round up of what you can expect from me during this latest period of lockdown.

If it is possible to conduct your counselling session online, then that is what we will do. Some find online therapy suits them and fits their needs really well; it can be easier to fit in around other things, for example. It does, of course, mean that we eliminate the risk of either one of us unknowingly passing on the virus to each other or anyone else on the journey to the therapy room. Online sessions are held on Zoom and, if you haven't used it before, I'm happy to talk you through the technology (it is quite straightforward).

Having said that, online sessions don't suit everyone and in fact, for some people getting the support they need from therapy just isn't possible online. Fortunately there is an exemption in the rules to allow therapy to take place face to face where other ways of working aren't possible.

This might apply to you if:

- you don't feel safe to talk about your feelings (or anything else) at home

- you don't have enough privacy at home

- you do not have access to the right technology

- you feel too isolated being online to get what you need from therapy

I'm happy to offer sessions in person to anyone who feels the points above might apply to them. I have various measures in place to limit the spread of the virus, including a revised cancellation policy in case you develop symptoms or are asked to isolate, use of face coverings during sessions (unless you are exempt), keeping my room well-ventilated and maintaining social distancing.

Continuing mental health support is more important than ever. Let's not let COVID stop us from seeking out the help we need.

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