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Face-to-Face Therapy - May 2021

In recent weeks, it has been a pleasure to welcome new and existing clients to my therapy room in Newark. My experience of meeting in person is that it brings so much to the therapeutic relationship and as I was creating this new space, I was excited by the many meaningful encounters that I hope it will soon contain.

My room has dedicated parking for clients and is a 5 minute drive from Newark town centre.

I continue to work in ways which limit the potential spread of COVID-19. These include wipes down all high-touch surfaces between each client, ventilating the room and sitting 2 metres apart. Wearing face covering is another option available to us to minimise the risk of transmission, and whether we use them is something I discuss with each client on an individual basis.

If you want to discuss my measures for managing the risk of COVID-19 further, please get in touch.

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