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New Yoga for Trauma @ tree in Newark - September 2022

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The next group sessions of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga are running from September. This is a chance to explore your connection with your body and the present moment, in a way that is specifically designed for people who have experienced trauma.

When? Thursday 8th September at 1pm

Where? tree in Newark

Who? No experience of yoga needed. The sessions follow a trauma-sensitive model of yoga, but you won't ever be expected to talk about your experiences as part of the sessions. This is a women-only session.

How much? £30 of the whole 6 session block

Trauma comes in a variety of forms. Sometimes it is a particular event, relationship or loss, and sometimes it can be much harder to identify as one thing in particular. Yoga for Trauma doesn't need you to have come to any conclusions about your experiences, and the group does not involve you needing to verbally process or share what you've been through.

A trauma response is often one that we have had to learn in order to survive. It might involve dissociation (disconnecting from your body or present moment experience), hypervigilance, a need to please people or a general feeling of not being safe. There are lots of other symptoms and ways of describing a trauma response - if this is something you're experiencing, a trauma-sensitive yoga group could help.

Feel fee to contact me to chat more about the group.

And lastly, to go ahead and book a place.

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