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For many people, the start of a new year can feel like a good time to start therapy. Maybe it is that new start, new me feeling. Possibly the hope that the coming year could be different is what makes people make that first call or email. Or perhaps the impact of work, Christmas tensions, health worries, or the uncertainty over this next phase of the pandemic has finally become too much to bear alone.

Whatever your reasons, if you are interested in having a conversation about how we might work together in 2022, please read on and feel free to get in touch.

Availability for new clients

As my current clients would tell you, I try to be as flexible as I can when we're arranging appointments. It is really important that therapy fits into your life in a way that means you can make the most of it. I also like to be really transparent about what I can offer. Right now, I have a handful of spaces available for new clients - they are all during the day (9.30am to 2.30pm) Tuesday to Friday.


Like many of us, I'm waiting to see what announcements might be made over the next few days about COVID restrictions. Having said that, even in the depths of previous lockdown, mental health services have been able to continue face to face where it is not possible or desirable to work remotely, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to offer options of online work and face-to-face work over the coming months.

In order to manage the risk of the virus, I am using the following measures: I do lateral flow tests on any day when I am welcoming clients to my therapy room, spaced appointment times to allow for the room to air, increased ventilation. I am also very happy to discuss the option of us both wearing face coverings, though I recognise this is problematic for some and sometimes tricky for therapy.

As ever, if you have any questions, don't know where to go or what you need, or are itching to get started, you can find me here.


  • Writer's pictureEmily Harrison

In recent weeks, it has been a pleasure to welcome new and existing clients to my therapy room in Newark. My experience of meeting in person is that it brings so much to the therapeutic relationship and as I was creating this new space, I was excited by the many meaningful encounters that I hope it will soon contain.

My room has dedicated parking for clients and is a 5 minute drive from Newark town centre.

I continue to work in ways which limit the potential spread of COVID-19. These include wipes down all high-touch surfaces between each client, ventilating the room and sitting 2 metres apart. Wearing face covering is another option available to us to minimise the risk of transmission, and whether we use them is something I discuss with each client on an individual basis.

If you want to discuss my measures for managing the risk of COVID-19 further, please get in touch.

  • Writer's pictureEmily Harrison

In addition to my therapy room in Grantham, I'm currently working hard to get the room in Newark ready for clients.

I've always found being by the river very soothing and am excited to be able to offer a dedicated space for counselling with such a wonderful view of nature.

The premises has off-street parking and is about 1 mile from Newark town centre.

Watch this space for further updates! If you are interested in seeing me in person in Newark, please get in touch.

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